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1. Hon.Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Upendra Yadav paid a courtesy call on Hon.Vice President H.E. Michel Temer at his Office on 2nd August. During the meeting, matters pertaining federalism structure, political system, sturucture of parliament, inclusiveness, constitutional process, possibility of cooperation in the field of hydropower, agriculture, trade were discussed. H.E.the Vice President thanked for the Nepal´s support to Brazil´s candidacy for Directro General of FAO; on that occasion, he expressed willingness to cooperate Nepal with their support and experiences.

2. The Government of Nepal and Government of Brazil signed following three agreements on 3rd August, amidst a ceremony at the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil, Brasilia.

i)Technical Cooperation agreement between Nepal and Brazil
ii)Agreement on Visa exemption for holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service Passports
iii)Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the establishment of a bilateral consultation mechanism.

These agreements were signed by Hon.Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Nepal Mr. Upendra Yadav and Minister for External Relations of Brazil H.E. Mr. Antonio De Aguair Patriota on the behalf of their respective Governments.

3. Hon. Mr.Yadav formally inaugurated newly established Embassy of Nepal in Brazil amidst a special ceremony on 2nd August, 2011. Nepal had opened its residential Embassy in Brazil on 21 January 2010. Later in the evening,Honorable Mr.Yadav attended a reception hosted in his honor by Ambassador of Nepal to the Brazil H.E.Mr.Pradhumna Bikram Shah in his residence. The reception was attended by Ministers, high ranking officials of the Brazil Government, Ambassadors and Officials of other Embassies accredited to Brazil, and friend of Nepal in Brazil.

4. After the signing ceremony on 3rd August, both the Ministers hold bilateral meeting, where they exchanged views on bilateral, regional, international and issues of mutual concern. The matters pertaining to economic cooperation, enhancement of sustainable trade, Brazilian investment in hydropower of Nepal, institutional reform, possible link between SAARC and MERCOSUR, duty free and quota free access to Nepalese product and other issues of mutual interests were discussed at length. Both the Ministers expressed deep satisfaction over the ever-growing friendship, understanding and goodwill between the two countries and pledged to take it to a newer height by widening the scope of economic cooperation between two countries.

Brazilian External Relation Minister also expressed Brazil´s readiness to be partner to work together in the area of Agriculture, hydropower and technological transfer in particular for mutual benefit. He also further said that there is much scope of cooperation under the Technical Cooperation Agreement as well just they signed in the field of agriculture research, environment, sustainable development, institutional reform and other sectors as Nepal desires.

At the end, both the Ministers attended a press brief where they highlighted the fruitful outcome of the meeting. They expressed that the signing of the agreements herald new chapter in the history of Nepal-Brazil relations.

5. Later in the evening on 3rd August, Hon.DPM met with the President of the Senate´s Exterior Relations Committee H.E.Mr.Fernando Collar. During the meeting, H.E. Senator expressed possibilities of forming a Nepal – Brazil Parliamentary Friendship Association aimed at forging cooperation between lawmakers of the two countries.

6. On 2nd August morning, Hon. DPM and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Upendra Yadav attended a briefing meeting with the President of the Superior Electoral court H.E.Mr. Ricardo Lewandowski. H.E. Ricardo briefed about the Brazil´s election system, electronic machine, election law of Brazil and possible cooperation. Brazil is using electronic machine very efficiently and bio technical system to conduct election which has resulted transparent, impartial and fast election result. During the meeting, Hon.DPM Mr. Yadav asked in the possibility of concluding MoU for cooperation in the field of electoral management and administration with Election Commission of Nepal and technical support to enhance the election management of Nepal. H.E. Mr. Ricardo responded positively and pledged for technical support whenever Nepal desired.

7. Hon. DPM Mr. Upendra Yadav held meeting with H.E.Mr.Wagner Rossi, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food suppy of Brazil on 2nd August. Both the Ministers discussed in establishing mechanism and concluding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance possible cooperation in the field of agriculture and cooperative. Hon.DPM urged for the Brazil´s cooperation mainly in bio technology, hybrid seeds, research and scholarship. Agriculture Minister of Brazil responded positively and committed to offer the scholarship for agricultural research and for exchange the technicians in the developing agricultural productivity of Nepal. In the same time Agriculture Minister directed the five secretaries, who were assisting the Brazilian Minister to coordinate and facilitate the possible cooperation to be extended with Nepal.

8. On the 2nd August evening, Hon. DPM Mr. Upendra Yadav held a meeting with Mines and Energy Minister H.E.Mr. Edison Lobao. Meanwhile, Mr. Yadav also urged to encourage Brazilian investors to invest in hydropower sector of Nepal. He also briefed about the potentiality of hydropower, its market within and neighbouring countries, and economic viability. Both the Ministers discussed about the possible investment and cooperation from Brazilian Electricity Authority, Brasspower, Electrobrass in the hydropower, bio fuel, ethanol and technology transfer. Energy Minister informed that Brazil is keen to be involved in the development of hydropower of Nepal; Brazil wishes to conclude a MoU on energy cooperation with Nepal which will pave the way to work together for investment in hydropower sector as well as for transfer of technology including cooperation in bio fuel in which Brazil has expertise.

9. On 3rd August afternoon, Minister for External Relations of Brazil hosted a working lunch in honor of the Hon. DPM and Foreign Minister of Nepal, H.E. Mr. Patriota gave a welcome speech, where he thanked the DPM of Nepal for coming over Brazil to sign the agreements. He also urged for Nepal´s participation at highest level in the Rio 20 summit being held in Rio de Janerio of Brazil on July 2012. While reciprocating the friendly gesture, Hon.DPM Mr. Yadav thanked the Minister for taking active initiative to further enhance cooperation between two countries.

10. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Upendra Yadav visited Itaipu Hydropower Project on 04 August at Parana of Brazil. This project is one of the biggest hydropower of the world, which produces 14000 MW electricity. During his visit, he was briefed by the Officials of the Project.

11. Hon.DPM and Foreign Minister Mr. Yadav attended a luncheon meeting hosted by the President of Electro brass Mr. Joao da Costa Carvalho Neto on 05 August at Rio de Janerio of Brazil. The generating capacity of Electro brass( a Government entity), in addition to 50% of the power of Itaipu belonging to Brazil, reached 39,453 MW, corresponding to 37% of the total power nationwide. The transmission lines have approximately 60,000 kilometers of extension. In a briefing session, Hon.DPM highlighted the huge potentiality of hydropower, favorable market situation, technical and economic viability of the projects of Nepal. Hon.DPM also invited investment in this sector from Brazilian public and private investors.

12. Hon.DPM Mr. Yadav extended an invitation to Minister for External Relations of Brazil H.E. Mr. Antonio De Aguair Patriota to pay an official visit to Nepal, which the Brazilian External Relations Minister accepted with pleasure.

13. Technical Cooperation Agreement covers the areas of cooperation in the field of Agriculture, Health, Education, Environment, Public security, Public Administration, Social development, Energy, Urban development, Labor, Industry, Cooperation management, Science and technology, Culture, Communication, Justice, Planning and Others.

Technical cooperation agreement is an umbrella agreement, which will pave the way for meaningful cooperation between Nepal and Brazil. It has opened new vistas of cooperation with the Brazil, the emerging Latin American economic giant.

Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) is an implementing authority of the technical cooperation programme in Brazil under Brazilian south-south cooperation. ABC´s role includes transfer of knowledge and technology, human resource development and capacity building, project designing including role to organize trilateral cooperation for the executives of agreed projects.

14. Agreement on Visa exemption for holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service Passports will facilitate diplomatic, official/service passports holders to visit each other's country without visa for a period not exceeding ninety days from the date of entry. However the citizen of either country shall comply with the laws and regulation in force, during their stay in the territory of the other country.

15. MoU on the establishment of bilateral consultation mechanism aiming to further enhancing the friendly cooperative relations between both countries through regular consultation. Consultations includes review of the relationship in the political, economic, commercial, investment, tourism, financial, industrial, scientific, transportation, cultural, educational, social, environmental, sport, technical and technological fields.

16. In all events, Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. Upendra Yadav was accompanied by Honorable Ms. Renu Kumari Yadav, Member of the Constituent Assembly, H.E. Mr. Pradhumna Bikram Shah, Ambassador of Nepal to Brazil, Mr. Dhananjaya Jha, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other Officials of the Ministry and Embassy.


Espremido entre a China e a Índia, o país oferece bons programas para quem gosta de natureza e esportes radicais ou se identifica com religiões como budismo e hinduísmo.


Um pequeno país cercado de China e de Índia por todos os lados. Minúsculo, mas dono de oito das 10 montanhas mais altas do mundo, o Nepal mistura natureza e patrimônio cultural em um lugar único. Isso sem contar a religiosidade, marcada especialmente pelas tradições do budismo. O território, de apenas 147 mil km², tem clima e relevo diversificados. Ao norte, estão as grandes montanhas alternadas por vales. Ao sul, o terreno é mais plano. Em toda parte, encontrase uma das mais ricas biodiversidades do planeta. E essa característica é mais um dos pontos fortes do lugar, que explora intensamente o ecoturismo.

O Nepal, que abriga uma das faces do monte mais alto do mundo, o Everest, e também o ponto mais baixo da Terra, o Vale Arun, é a menina dos olhos de quem busca aventura. Lá, é possível praticar bungee jumping, safári, mountain biking, rafting, caça, salto de paraquedas e voos de ultraleve. Além, é claro, da escalada de montanhas. Para completar, há animais raros, rios bravos e até geleiras. Para quem gosta do contato com a natureza, no país há nove parques nacionais, três reservas de animais selvagens e uma reserva de caça.

O Vale do Katmandu é uma das regiões mais incríveis do Nepal. Ele abrange três cidades: Katmandu, a capital do país, Lalitpur e Bhaktapur. Cercadas por montanhas, têm clima agradável. Recheadas de patrimônios culturais da Unesco, palácios e templos, permitem ainda a observação de Monges celebram a descida de Buda à Terra: fé atrai os viajantes





Outro foco do turismo é a cida- de de Pokhara, a 200km de Kat mandu. É o único lugar do mundo onde se pode observar uma vista das montanhas de mais de 8 mil metros enquanto se está sentado a mil metros abaixo do nível do mar. “O Lago Phewa reflete a imagem das montanhas e da cidade como um espelho”, diz Pradhumna Shah, embaixador do Nepal em Brasília.

Em Pokhara, há também a chance de observar as mais de 523 espécies de aves e as 11 famílias de borboletas que perambulam pela cidade. Ou visitar o Antigo Bazar. A cidade ainda serve de ponto de partida da trilha Annapurna, considerada uma das melhores do mundo entre os praticantes de trekking. “Da hora que o sol nasce até ele se pôr, a montanha muda de cor”, explica Pradhumna.


A deusa viva não teme o escuro


Para quem segue as tradições budistas, um dos locais mais en- cantadores é Lumbini, onde nasceu Sidarta Gautama, o Buda, em 623 a.C. Também lá, em 244 a. C., o Imperador Ashoka, um dos grandes responsáveis pela divul- gação da fé, ergueu um pilar em sua homenagem.

O Nepal também é conhecido por ser o único lugar do mundo a ter uma deusa viva. Em 7 de outubro de 2008, aos 3 anos, Matani Shakya foi condecorada com o tí- tulo inédito no planeta, que permanecerá com ela até que atinja a puberdade. Seguindo a tradição nepalesa, ela foi escolhida entre crianças de 2 e 4 anos por líderes budistas e hindus e aprovada pelo presidente Ram Baran Yadav.

Para a escolha da menina, os requisitos foram apresentar perfeição dentária, capilar e cutânea, olhos amendoados e simétricos e um detalhe curioso: não ter medo do escuro. Para que a kumari — nome dado às deusas vivas no Nepal — pudesse encarnar a deusa Taleju, foi preciso enfrentar um último desafio.

Ela passou uma noite sozinha num cômodo cheio de cabeças de búfalos e bodes sacrificados, sem tremer, gritar, chorar ou desistir. Corajosa, ela passou no teste, trazendo orgulho à família.


Como ir



Tirá-lo é fácil. Basta ir à embaixada (QI 11 do Lago Sul, cj. 3 casa 20; 3541-1232) levando duas fotos 3 x 4. Lá, deve-se preencher um formulário e pagar a taxa, que varia de US$ 25 a US$ 100, dependendo do número de dias que se pretende passar no país. Na embaixada, os turistas poderão também tirar dúvidas sobre o país. A representação atende o público diariamente, das 12h às 17h.


Na internet


2011 será o Ano do Turismo no Nepal, e estão previstos vários eventos e promoções. Para saber mais, acesse o site: www.welcomenepal.com


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